God’s System of Promotion Bundle

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God’s System of Promotion Bundle

Supernatural Favor and Promotion 3 Message CD and Single Message DVD

Simple Favor Single Message CD

Supernatural Favor Mug Set

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In the new covenant under which we live, God has prepared some wonderful things for us that are far better than we could ever imagine. To be promoted is to be raised up, elevated, and exalted. God promotes us because He is good; this was demonstrated when He promoted Joseph, Daniel, and the Samaritan woman at the well. Because of what Jesus did, promotion is available to us and we again have access to what the enemy stole from Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Jesus brought restoration and supernatural progression. This bundle offer includes a limited edition stoneware mug set, a bonus series from Creflo Dollar, and two single messages from Taffi Dollar that will open the door to God’s involvement in your promotion, as you experience acceleration on every level that is beyond human comprehension.


Creflo Dollar

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