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Grace That Unites Combo

Success Against Strife 4 Message CD or DVD

Grace Life T-Shirt

Radical Grace 3 Message CD or DVD

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Success Against Strife

Strife is designed to destroy our lives, our relationships, and even the church. When it rises up against us and we do not actively resist it, it shuts us down. We must not fail to stand up to strife, or the blessings that God has in store for us will be blocked. When we resist strife, God’s grace can begin to flow in our lives and we see manifestations of His blessings.

Grace Life T-Shirt

Available in both male and female fits in all sizes.

Radical Grace

We cannot make ourselves righteous, holy, or wise; and we cannot redeem or perfect ourselves. Yet, we receive all this and more when we get born again. Being in Christ makes us everything He already is; and we receive spiritual gifts we could never earn on our own. Our sanctification and holiness in Him is not a gradual process. It happens immediately when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We must be mindful not to make the mistake of thinking we are no longer righteous because of something we said or did. With this series, you will become rooted in your identity in Christ and settle the sin issue once and for all by realizing that you are the righteousness of God.


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