It Is Well Combo

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It Is Well Combo

Exercising Godly Emotions 3 Message Series

Life Saver Sermon Notes: Grace Based Relationships Mini-Book

CDM Notebook 


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It Is Well Combo

Exercising Godly Emotions (3 Message Series)

God gave us emotions as a gift, but we should not allow them to govern us or control our lives. Feelings of depression, rejection, or inferiority always have the potential to overwhelm us, but there is no reason to be emotionally out of control. Instead of letting our emotions deal with us, we can deal with them because through the Holy Spirit, we have victory over every emotion.

Life Saver Sermon Notes: Grace Based Relationships

Relationships with others make life sweeter. The key relationships that matter most are the vertical connections between us and God, and the horizontal connections between us and other people. Making Jesus the foundation of every relationship enables us to be friends with God and with each other. Relationships developed on natural criteria instead of on God will crumble; we need supernatural help in this area that the world cannot provide. Life Saver Sermon Notes: The Grace-Based Relationships Edition presents study notes from Creflo Dollar’s eleven thought-provoking messages that reveal the impact of godliness in each of our relationships. Letting God teach us the lessons we must learn through spiritually mature relationships makes us powerful witnesses of His love.

CDM Notebook


Creflo Dollar


3 CD Message, 3 DVD Message

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