Jesus: The Peacemaker

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Jesus: The Peacemaker – (4 Message Series)

Jesus: The Peacemaker – Message 1

The Importance of Understanding Righteousness – Message 2

The Gift of Righteousness – Message 3

What to Do When Righteousness is Under Attack – Message 4



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Jesus: The Peacemaker – (4 Message Series)

When people reject Jesus Christ, it is because they do not fully understand Him. When Jesus was born, He was heaven’s peace offering. A real understanding of righteousness under the covenant of grace only comes by reading the Word through the lens of the finished works of Jesus Christ. God is now no longer angry with us, because Jesus took all of His wrath when He went to the cross on our behalf. Accepting the gift of righteousness from Jesus gives us new identities based on who He says we are in Him, and empowers us to rule in life and live in victory over adversity. Jesus has paid the price for the sins of the whole world; to be at peace with God, all we need to do is receive that payment by faith.


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4 CD Message, 4 DVD Message

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