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Emotional Stability Combo

Maintaining A Sound Mind 3 Message CD

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The Power of Self-Control

Many people have a problem exercising self-control. Instead of living in moderation, they find themselves trapped in circumstances or habits that are self-destructive and biblically immoral. The trouble is lasciviousness, a lack of restraint, caused by spiritual neglect and an apathetic attitude toward the things of God. In this powerful, eye-opening book, Creflo Dollar uncovers the root to many of today’s problems, and through Scripture, unlocks the mystery of lasciviousness. You can control your destiny and begin a new life of freedom and power today!

The Secret to Stable Emotions

Most people think that emotions cannot be controlled, but we have been given authority over our emotions. God gave us emotions as a gift, but we should not allow them to govern us or control our lives. We must examine our feelings honestly and not cover them up by pretending that they do not exist. When we understand God’s Word in this area, we can handle our feelings and maintain emotional stability, which will lead to great victory in our lives.

Maintaining a Sound Mind

In these last days, we are seeing more demonic activity than ever before and emotions are being used to drive people away from the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Negative emotions such as depression, stress, and hurt can be destructive forces if unchecked by the Word of God. In this series, Creflo Dollar lays out steps to defeating negative emotions using biblical principles. Through understanding your authority in Christ over negative emotions, you will experience great victory in your life.


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