Overcoming Brokenness Combo

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Overcoming Brokenness Combo

How to Heal from Brokenness 6 Message Series

Winning in Troubled Times Book

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Overcoming Brokenness Combo

How to Heal from Brokenness (6 Message Series)

For Successful, happy lives, we must see ourselves as God sees us. He loves us very much and values us highly. If we don’t feel this way, it may be because we have been broken by something that happened in our past. Although brokenness is extremely painful, it is a part of being human. No matter how broken and shattered we are, God is an expert at putting us back together and restoring our wholeness.

Winning in Troubled Times Book

In this timely and powerful book, Creflo Dollar shares transforming ways to deal with the challenges, hardships, and opportunities everyone faces today. He equips readers to move beyond trials in areas such as marriage, family, finances, relationships, parenting, career, and health. Even those suffering from personal struggles and addictions can claim victory and healing through faith in God’s Word. With the right attitude and mind-set, anyone can overcome life’s obstacles and move on to maximum living.



Creflo Dollar


6 CD Message, 6 DVD Message

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