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Peace In The Season Combo

Peace That Prevails 4 Message CD

Unmasking The Spirit Of Mammon Book

Christmas In The City Part 2. 2 Music CD

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Peace That Prevails

Emotions are given by God for our enjoyment. They can be influenced positively or negatively by the circumstances of life. Every day we have an opportunity to operate in positive emotions or be ruled by negative emotions. Being spiritually-minded will produce joy and peace in the life of a believer. Emotional stability is a result of our relationship with Jesus and understanding God’s Word.

Unmasking the Spirit of Mammon

The condition of a person’s heart is often revealed by how they handle money. Money is just a tool, but the spirit of mammon tries to use this tool to destroy our trust in God and redirect it into material possessions. Mammon is in direct opposition to God and it has a thousand sneaky ways of telling us we do not need Him. It is so pervasive in the world today that many people never realize they are worshipping it instead of God. In Unmasking the Spirit of Mammon, Creflo Dollar explains what the spirit of mammon is and why our spiritual future depends on us recognizing, unmasking, and conquering this evil spirit.

Christmas in the City Part 2

Arrow Records and Creflo Dollar present Christmas songs from various artists for the holidays including Jeff Sparks, Canton Jones, Alex Dollar, Jonathan Phillips, Shonlock, and more


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