Perfect Prayer and Confession Combo


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Perfect Prayer And Confession Combo

The Perfect Prayer 3 Message CD

Daily Confessions to Help You Grow Single Message CD

No Fear Here Mini Book

The Power Of Grace Based Prayer Mini Book

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The Perfect Prayer

Under the law, people had to pray to get God to do something for them. Under Grace, our prayers reflect our thanks and praise for what Jesus did for us on the cross. Grace-based prayer is based on the finished works of Jesus Christ. Every failure in life is a prayer failure, and every success we experience is because we remain in a constant two-way dialogue with Christ. Additionally, praying in the Spirit releases us from having to depend on our own limited intellectual knowledge, and gives us knowledge we cannot access without Him.

Daily Faith Confessions to Help You Grow

The Word of God contains every positive thing you could ever want from Him—from promises concerning health and healing to prosperity, peace, and salvation. By giving voice to the Scriptures, you open the flood-gates of heaven and enable God to bring those confessions to pass. As you recite these promises aloud, expect the power of God to move in your life like never before. His Word never fails, and it always achieves the purpose for which it was sent (Isaiah 55:11). The more you read, hear, and speak the Word of God, the more you’ll become convinced that you can have those things you pray and confess.

No Fear Here

There is nothing natural or normal about fear. Fear comes from the devil. It’s a direct assault against God’s promises. Creflo Dollar sheds light on the paralyzing spirit of fear in No Fear Here! He explains the following:

  • Why tolerating fear wreaks havoc in your life and keeps you in bondage
  • How understanding your covenant with God will eradicate fear from your life
  • How to take authority over fear and cement your faith in God
  • The ministry of angels and how to put them to work for you

No Fear Here! is designed to expose the spirit of fear in all its forms and reveals how strong faith in God empowers you to live a fear-free life!

The Power Of Grace Based Prayer

How to pray and see results. The cross has changed everything we know when it comes to prayer. Under the new covenant we pray from a place of victory because God has already made everything we will ever need available to us. In this three message series, The Power of Grace Based Prayer, you’ll learn the difference between prayers based on life before the cross and after the cross. Creflo Dollar teaches how to pray so that you can receive all the finished works of Christ-healing, prosperity and deliverance.


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