Provision Of God Combo

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Provision Of God Combo

Practical Laws of Provision 3 Message CD

Financial Stewardship Mini Book

RFID Card Holder / Protector Gift

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Practical Laws Of Provision 

Understanding the principles behind how God’s provisions are manifested in our lives will cause them to become evident. We must understand that there is a principle that governs receiving what grace has made available. In this realm, there are no limits. We are the only ones able to stop God’s promises from coming to fruition. We are farmers in this realm, and the Word is guaranteed to produce harvest if we let it.

Financial Stewardship 

Some will chase after it and try to acquire it at all costs, but the Bible tells us we are to be responsible stewards of the money God blesses us with. In Financial Stewardship, Creflo Dollar shares the Scriptures that outline how we should manage money as Christians.

RFID Card Holder / Protector

Pocket-friendly, anti-theft RFID-blocking wallet from Creflo Dollar Ministries Asia Pacific : A sleek, stainless steel hard case that acts as a Faraday cage; effectively preventing contact less bank cards from being covertly scanned by criminals


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