The Contrast: Self Effort vs. Rest Bundle

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The Contrast: Self Effort vs. Rest Bundle 

The Contrast: Self Effort vs. Rest 4 Message CD

Overcoming Fear  Book

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God only works on our behalf if we are resting; therefore, we must rightly divide what it means to be at rest on a spiritual level. We are not made righteous in God’s eyes by our performance, but by our belief in Jesus Christ. We must move beyond the mindset that makes it difficult for us to believe that we could actually receive something from God without doing anything to deserve it. We live in a stressful, worrisome world; however, we are more effective when we can rest in what Jesus has done instead of stressing out over the tribulation that the Bible says will come. Dig into this series and maintain the rest that empowers you to move out of worry and find grace that overcomes the world. *For a limited time, you will receive a copy of Dr. Dollars book, Overcoming Fear with your series order.


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