The Needful Thing Combo

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The Needful Thing Combo

The Needful Thing 3 Message Series

How Do I Trust God Mini Book

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The Needful Thing

It is evident that we are living in the end times. The enemy knows the power of God’s Word, and will try to separate us from it and convince us that the Word of God has not important or lacks significance. The truth is that there is nothing greater or more powerful than the Word.  After thousands of years, it still applies to us and remains relevant to our lives. We find success and victory in life only when we keep Christ at the top of our priority list.

How Do I Trust God?

Trusting God is something that all Believers must develop in as they go through life. It is not always easy at first, but when we are able to strike a balance between faith and grace, we learn that trust is the currency of the kingdom of God.


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3 CD Message, 3 DVD Message

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