Understanding The Holy Spirit Combo

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Understanding The Holy Spirit Combo

Holy Spirit: The Solution to Unbelief 5 Message CD

New Depths in The Holy Spirit 4 Message CD

Understanding The Holy Spirit Within You Mini Book

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Holy Spirit : The Solution To Unbelief

The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Trinity. He is alive, and He has an assignment to work in our physical world. The Spirit did not come to convict us of the things we do wrong or the mistakes we make; He came to convict us of unbelief in Jesus. He wants to impact every facet of our lives, but we must understand His work and His purpose on the earth. He connects us to the grace of God.

New Depths In The Holy Spirit

Why do some people still live under the old covenant curse? The curse is not just sickness and disease on our physical bodies, but also emotional and spiritual attacks on our spirits and souls. Jesus came, and since He established the new covenant of grace, the law is no longer valid. If we believe this, our faith moves us out from under the law and we are in a position to receive God’s favor. If we are not seeing results in our lives, it may be because we are living under the wrong agreement.

Understanding The Holy Spirit Within You

How to use the power of the Holy Spirit in you. Do you know that by speaking in tongues through the Holy Spirit, you are speaking secret truths and giving God permission to operate in every area of your life? You have supernatural power made available to you to get love, joy, peace and prosperity. Prepare for the Holy Spirit to escort you to your God given destination.



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