How to Develop Intimacy With God

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How to Develop Intimacy With God (2 Message Series)

How to Experience the Presence of God – Message 1

How to Have an Intimate Relationship with God – Message 2


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How to Develop Intimacy with God –(2 Message Series)

God’s presence in our lives is something we as believers should seek above all else. Experiencing God’s presence begins by studying His Word; it then deepens into fellowship with Him, which allows us to begin experiencing for ourselves what He is really like. Knowing God is not the same as knowing about Him; a genuine relationship with Him teaches us that He is always ready to encourage us and show us mercy, not to punish or condemn us, when we slip and fall. A real relationship with Him, in which we let Him walk us through good times and bad, allows Him to mature and strengthen us. Faith in God’s love allows us to know Him the way He wants us to.


Creflo Dollar


2 CD Message, 2 DVD Message

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