How to Hear From God

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How to Hear from God (3 Message Series)

How to Hear From God – Message 1

Five Hindrances to Hearing from God – Message 2

7 Ways to Get Better Hearing – Message 3


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How to Hear from God (3 Message Series)

Christians have a blood-bought right to hear from God. Getting directions from Him enables us to make wise decisions and avoid traps that others fall into. Hearing Him clearly and distinctly can literally save our lives. Sometimes we may be so focused on our own problems that we can’t hear what He’s saying. There is never a problem with God speaking; the issue is always with something we may be doing to block His voice. Believers must learn to fine tune our spiritual listening skills so we can clearly hear what He says to us. One Word from God can change our entire lives; this is only possible through a personal relationship with Him.


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3 CD Message, 3 DVD Message

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