Trusting God For Your Success


If you’ve set goals for yourself time and time again and have failed, it’s time to consider a new formula for success. It’s called grace-based success, which is the God-kind of success. It is time for you to discover God’s path to supernatural progress!

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We get the wrong impression of God if we look at Him in the context of the things that happened before the cross, and fail to see Him in light of the things that happened after the cross. It boils down to rightly dividing the Word. A true understanding of what Jesus achieved on the cross will open your spiritual eyes to the power you receive from God’s love, which is the foundation for deliverance in every area of your life. Dig deep into this teaching to receive the revelation that, like Jesus, you are now liberated and boundless, and can operate in the glory of God every day of your life.


Creflo Dollar


3 CD Message, 3 DVD Message

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