The Grace For Mutual Submission

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The Grace of Mutual Submission

Submission is for both men and women. Taffi Dollar shares from the Bible how we are all free in Christ – free from domination, low self-esteem, discrimination, inferiority, prejudice, etc. The Grace of Mutual Submission will help men understand the place for women to serve in the body of Christ. It will also show how women are free to fulfill the gifts and calling upon their lives.

Minimum Gift: $15.00

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The Grace of Mutual Submission

Have you ever wondered how biblical submission was supposed to function in the body of Christ? For so long submission has had a negative connotation due to misuse and misunderstanding, but in Taffi Dollar’s new book, The Grace of Mutual Submission, Taffi reveals how submission creates an environment for men, women, children, families, and communities to begin to thrive in their God-given assignments. Learn the purpose and power of biblical submission according to the Word of God!


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