Overcoming Fear

Starting Gift: $30.00

Overcoming Fear

You Will Discover:

The different ways fear manifests in your life.

Why you don’t have to be subject to fear.

How to evict every kind of fear from your life for good.

Minimum Gift: $30.00

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Overcoming Fear

Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing natural or acceptable about fear. In a world that is running rampant with fear, selfishness, and sin, it is east for those not familiar with God’s Word to become deceived by the enemy. Remember, fear is the faith of the devil! Just as the kingdom of God requires faith to bring God’s promises to pass in your life, the kingdom of darkness requires fear to bring the enemy’s plans to pass in you life. Overcoming Fear provides a candid and revealing look into a spirit that is designed to destroy your life on every level.


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