Gender Roles

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Gender Roles

We are all patterned after God. Therefore, there is no weaker sex as it concerns our identity and who we are in him.”


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Gender Roles

Taffi Dollar shares a revelation from God about His design for women and men. Both women and men have been damaged by misinterpretations of Scripture and the consequences of Adam’s and Eve’s transgression; but Jesus came to restore us all to the equal partnership that God intended from the beginning. By going back to the beginning of creation with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, Taffi tracks God’s plan for humanity. She tackles tough questions head-on and exposes how gender inequality and hierarchy have prevented us from living the best life. This timely and revolutionary book encourages you to revisit preconceived notions and outdated values about how men and women relate to one another.


Creflo Dollar

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