Giving Trust Combo

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Giving Trust Combo

Exposing Mammon 3 Message Series

Help! I’m Afraid to Give Mini-Book

Life Saver Sermon Notes: The Truth About Giving Edition (Part 1)


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Giving Trust Combo

Exposing Mammon (3 Message Series)

The Spirit of Mammon wants to attach itself to money, and if we are not careful, we can fall under its subtle influence. Its goal is to exert demonic influence in the area of our finances while disguising itself as the spiritual voice we hear in religion. Jesus taught some powerful lessons about money, and he always discussed it in relation to trust. In light of this, we must decide for ourselves whether we are being influenced by God or mammon.

Life Saver Sermon Notes: The Truth About Giving Edition (Part 1)

Help! I’m Afraid to Give (Mini Book)

Religion can confuse Christians in the area of financial giving. Some people have even resolved not to give because they think God has nothing to do with giving. As a result, Many believers have lost confidence in it and are afraid to give. God is the ultimate giver; He gave us His only Son. Giving with the intention of Blessing others falls in line with the example He set. Giving is within God’s plan for us, but fear of giving can stop us from living out this plan. Giving with the right motives is an act of faith, and it opens doors in our lives; fear has the opposite effect, and it blocks anything good from happening. We are not the source of our prosperity. When we trust God in all areas of our lives, including our finances, He is able to prosper us.





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